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Tax Law Attorney Utah

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You have the right to disagree with the IRS's determination when you receive a letter from them stating their determination after your tax audit. It is possible to appeal the determination with the help of a tax law attorney Utah. When you make the appeal, you need to state why you disagree and make sure that your reasons are covered by what is allowed by the tax laws. You cannot appeal your case if it is based on conscientious, constitutional, religious, political, or moral grounds.
To appeal the decision of the IRS, you can:
Appeal within the given time limit, which is set by the IRS itself. If the amount is $25,000 or less in the proposed change in tax, interest, and penalties for every tax period, you may use Form 12203 or send a brief written statement stating the changes that you do not agree with and why.
File a formal protest if you are appealing more than $25,000. The IRS recommends including your name, address, contact details, statement of your appeal, tax periods involved, the copy of the letter of the proposed findings and changes that you do not agree with, the authority or law that you are relying on, and a list of changes that you do not agree with and why.
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Tax Law Attorney Utah

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