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Business Training Credit Card Processing

Business Training Credit Card Processing

Business Training Credit Card Processing: How To Process Credit Cards For Business Payments

The methods of payment for business training in our ever growing business community are evolving continuously. The factors that have been seen to contribute to these improvements include access to funds, customer preference, payment risks, customer privacy and security.

Now, let the business training start as we discuss credit card payment processing and learn how it benefits businesses.

Business training credit card processing is very important for businesses at different scale levels, and it provides good knowledge on the payment solutions that addresses all the challenges that have been noticed with other payment options. A good merchant who knows how processing a credit card is done, concentrates on everything that is contained in the deal and this includes flexibility, security, access and speed. Rather than just focusing on only what is needed to close a deal.

Terms using in credit card processing

Defining these terms in business training credit card processing will make the training on credit card processing easier, and a better understanding of how they relate to different stakeholders in the industry will be shared.

    Payment processor: This is the company that provides the payment service, they connect your transaction to your funds with your secure permission. Merchant account: A merchant account creates a dashboard for you with a bank or payment processor that allows you to accept a credit card and process credit card payments. You can also receive payments from credit card companies through the merchant account. Shopping Checkout Page: This is the secure payment page provided for the business owner where their customers can make payment for the products and services which they wish to purchase. Payment gateway: A payment gateway provides the access that connects any online payment order and online store checkout page to your payment processor. Many payment processors usually offer payment gateway services, but many others allow client to use payment gateway services offered by different providers. The presence of virtual terminals now allow business owners to operate a manual payment gateway to accept payments for regular charges and invoice payments. Virtual terminal: This is a manually operated payment gateway. It links business owners to payment processors in order to accept payments. Processing fees: There are transaction charges attracted by every payment transaction. These charges are made up of a certain percentage of the payment in addition to a fee in situations of exceptional payments. Point of Sale (POS): This is a system that is provided by a payment processor that accepts in-store payments with physical credit cards and many of these systems contain an inventory management feature.

Now that the common terms used in credit card processing have been discussed, here's how to accept and process credit cards for your business.

Accepting and processing credit cards

The process involved in accepting credit cards in-person is completely different from the process involved in accepting credit cards online from clients for your business, there are things you should know concerning the differences and they can be looked at here:

Accepting credit card payments from customers in-person:

This includes in-store payment and mobile payment transactions.


    A card reading equipment like the Point of Sale (POS) system where you can physically swipe a card. A Smartphone or Tablet A Mobile Credit Card Reader A Merchant Account that handles mobile payments or an all-in-one service.

The payments made using in-store methods always get a confirmation message whether accepted or declined, and they attract transaction fees. The lowest in-store transaction fee for some providers is 2.75% of the transaction.

Accepting credit card payments from customers online:

This includes e-commerce and virtual terminal transactions.


    A merchant account that provides all-in-one services. A secure checkout on an e-commerce platform. A secure payment gateway An online virtual terminal With the online credit card payment process, the customers are provided with a payment detail form to fill at the secure checkout page. When they submit the form, the payment gateway relates it to the payment processor and payment is either accepted or declines instantly. The transaction charges here are never hidden. This method charges its lowest rate for online for each transaction and for each virtual terminal transaction.

The fees attracted for in-person transactions are lower compared to the online transaction fees because, there seems to be lesser risk of fraud with the in-person transactions.

At this point, it can be conveniently said that your business is at the verge of increasing with this reliable business training credit card processing. The involved procedure is going to be clearer for anyone who has a business, whether small or large scale to process credit card payments for their business.


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